Hey Everyone, I'm Whitney and super excited to have you drop on by my page.

You’re in the right place if you’ve realized that other people’s opinions on what you should be doing with your life don’t pay the bills . . . or bring you any sort of joy whatsoever. Just being real, right?

I’m obsessed with doing everything I can to help you discover your passions so you can begin taking the action needed towards your own profitable online business. I want to help you define your purpose, break through any blocks holding you back, sell in a growing online market, and actually have fun learning all the fundamentals that go into creating your profitable online business.

Who is this chick anyway? And why would I be interested in taking advice from her? I would be asking the same questions too, so let me share a little more about me. I am a wife, mom, blogger, and multifaceted entrepreneur. I am originally from Cincinnati, OH and now living in Dallas, TX. I met my husband Christopher on Bumble in 2017 and we were married one year later on our anniversary in 2018. He keeps me grounded and organized with all things business, you will definitely see him pop in from time-to-time. You can hear more about our awesome journey in the blog and follow along as it unfolds.

Whitney Kay - Social Savvy Influencer - Business Coach, Branding, Design, Network Marketing

I have the most amazing 11-year-old son from a previous marriage, Parker. He is our entire world and driving force in all that we do. It was being a stay-at-home mom years ago that sparked my Entrepreneurial journey. He was born premature and in the time I took off to care for him as a newborn was when I realized I had no desire going back to the corporate world. I never liked working for someone else’s dreams and it was time I started creating my own. It was this deep burning desire for what I didn’t “want” that fueled everything for me moving forward.

Specializing in brand development, design, marketing, and social media, I have been developing businesses, selling products and services online since 2007. In 2008, I was introduced the world of network marketing and this is where I discovered my passion for leadership and coaching. I found my way within the industry, built a rock star team and global organization, selling a product I absolutely LOVE from home.

I have mentored thousands of men and woman across the world and have developed myself as being the “go-to” person in design, social media, and when it comes to developing one’s personal brand as an online influencer.

The Social Savvy Influencer brand was officially launched January 1, 2019 and embodies my true purpose in life. Now, I work to fuel others success by offering personal success coaching, branding and design services. I help female entrepreneurs discover their passion, define their purpose and develop their brand. I equip them with the tools and training needed to build a sustainable and profitable online business from home. In time, creating a lifestyle they love.