5 Lazy Social Media Tactics Killing Your Business


I have done everything I could do to kill my business, yet, it still continues to grow today.

How? Because I stopped the lazy tactics strangling my business and started learning to work it like a pro.

For all the network marketer’s saying to themselves;

“I am doing everything I am told to do. It’s not working.”

This one’s for you!

Are you a seasoned business partner with your company or just getting started? Regardless, we've all heard the same things.

“All you have to do is share as we do!”

“Use the same scripts I use and people will show interest in your opportunity or product.”

“Sent messages to 20+ people a day, you will get a sale or signup!”

“Make sure to send them your link to order!”

With these old practices still being used today, it’s no wonder more and more people are getting frustrated with their businesses or the profession as a whole.

Can you grow a successful business within the network marketing industry? Absolutely!

I’ve done it and continue to expand my business daily. But first, I had to stop the lazy marketing tactics that were killing my business.

#1 Not Setting Goals Or Having A Marketing Plan.jpg

I am sure you have written down or discussed your WHY with a mentor, upline, or direct sponsor.

Great! This is important.

Next, we have to move beyond the WHY and start defining the how. How are you are going to turn your ultimate desires into reality.

Setting goals are great. That doesn’t mean shit if you are not taking the necessary action towards your goals.

Action is important, but it also doesn’t mean a damn thing if you have no plan of ACTION in place. This is where a marketing plan comes in.

I am going to share 3 quick tips for defining your social media marketing plan.

  1. Choose your platform.
    One of the biggest mistakes I see people taking is trying to be everything everywhere. Social media is a pain in the ass and a full-time job in itself. So pick a platform you feel comfortable with and become a flipping BOSS at using it.

  2. Make your schedule.
    Based on the platform you have chosen to run with, take some time to do some research. Find the optimal times to post on that platform. Dive into your personal analytics and find when your following is most engaged. Determine how many times you should be posting and what times those should be.

  3. Plan out your content.
    You are probably already thinking, “Whitney, I don’t have time to do this. I barely have time to work this business as it is.”

    Well, I am going to say something you aren’t going to like hearing and that is…

    “If you started a network marketing business to get you out of or improve a current situation then you are going to have to treat this like a business.

    The #1 reason people have a sour taste when it comes to network marketing is that they never made money the money they wanted. They never made money in it because they ever truly worked it like a business.”

    Okay, I am off my soapbox...back to content planning.

    Yes, it is a lot of work but it is going to save you so much more time in the long run. You want to figure out;

    What you want to post about?
    What caption do you want to have with your post?
    What hashtags you want to use, etc.

    I have my content days every Sunday. I spend the time planning the week ahead and creating the content I plan to share. Yes, things may change but at least I have already done 90% of the work ahead of time, right?

    By setting your goals and creating a plan of action you now have a strategy in place. You feel more comfortable and secure knowing you have a clear outline.

Winging It & Not Being Consistent.jpg

I use to be the person to post on the fly. I would post on a whim and pray I got the results everyone else was getting. I would post on a Monday and then show up 2-4 days later with another random post expecting people to engage. Yea didn’t happen.

The great thing is, if you have taken my advice and created a marketing plan, you will cut this lazy practice at the same time.

We have got to show up every day in our business, for our following, customers, and business partners. People respond to consistency, loyalty, and trust those who they can rely on.

#3 Always Copying & Sharing Others Content.jpg

It is so easy to come across a business partners recent post in the newsfeed and see the 50+ likes and 30+ comments of engagement. Then you think if you just hit the “share” button, it will get the same results.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves and something I see happening way too often.

I also see people taking the great step towards repurposing content. Taking images and content from others and posting it as their own. However, not giving credit where credit is due.

Now, I am all for repurposing content. It is using someone else's content and re-posting it as yourself. The biggest tip here is to put your own spin on the content though. Your own perspective, etc. If you do use someone else’s image, that is fine. Make sure you mention “photo by:_____”

Repurposing is the way to go! STOP clicking the share button. This is lazy!

If I come to your wall and 90% of your content is shared, that shows me that you do not care enough to take the time and create your own valuable content. You expecting to benefit off the results of someone else's time and effort.

It won’t happen! It didn’t for me.

#4 Spamming with Cold Message Scripts

By far the laziest and used tactic today within the industry. Also, the tactic that is most noticed and frowned upon by those in and outside the industry.

Most of the times we're encouraged to many new friends on a platform. Once they respond and accept our request we are to then message them a preset script.

I guarantee the script sent is telling them how you believe they would be the best fit for your product or opportunity and here is a link to check it out.

Let me ask you a question….

If you were to meet a man or woman and go out on the first date. Would you be okay if they were to insist you take them to bed because they guarantee you would love it?

Ummm, NO!

You have got to treat your prospects like someone you are dating. You won’t walk down the aisle or make it to home base on the first night. And if you do, it is rare.

#5 Link Sharing When An Opportunity Arises .jpg

Have you ever made a post that caught the attention of someone and they comment asking for more information? Maybe you’ve come across a post by someone else asking for recommendations.

Posting a link and telling them to check out a video or your website is NOT the way to respond.

This is the perfect time for you to start dating your prospect and engage in communication through messenger or over a call.

Respond letting them know you will message them to discuss more and see if what you have to offer would be a good fit for them. Then spend the next few minutes asking questions. Getting more details about what it is they are looking for or interested in.

Get to know your prospect. Not everyone is a good fit for the product, service, or opportunity you have to offer. Going through this process will cut the ones that are not particularly a good fit.

In conclusion, eliminating these social media marketing don'ts from your daily activity and implementing the alternative approaches I recommended, will have you on the road to progress in your business.

The key is to stop being lazy. Take the time it takes in any business and apply it to your personal network marketing business.

The moment I started throwing out these old tactics and started treating my business like a pro. I began implementing practices and tactics that are proven and started seeing massive results. And this was after 8 years of doing all the wrong things.

Comment below and share other tactics not working for you or ones you have seen that need to come to an end!