6 Daily Income Producing Activities To Boost Your Network Marketing Business


Ever feel like the old methods aren’t working anymore?

Are you paralyzed by your to-do list?

Listen, the challenge is all too familiar. Also, something many leaders are afraid to admit themselves.

I remember sending scripted messages to 30+ people. It was effective and generated results. But not today!

Everyone and anyone is selling something on social media. Times have changed. What used to work isn’t working anymore. But before you start cussing me out for being honest, hear me out.

It may be more challenging today to connect with people, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel lost or paralyzed.

We have to adjust to the curve and change up the activity you are taking in your business.

I have had to take a hard look at my business and take an inventory of what is and is not working. I have implemented different strategies, shifted my focus, and started applying my time accordingly.

Now, I'm sharing my must-do 6 income producing activities. Start taking action and you will start seeing results.

Connect & Follow Up

Even though old methods of mass-messaging are not encouraged. That doesn’t mean you should stop all communication.

Connecting with people is key to building relationships, loyal customers and team members.

Spend some time reaching out to new connections. Ask genuine questions. Most of us enter every conversation asking, “when can I present my opportunity or product” in the back of our mind. This needs to stop.

95% of the time, the opportunity to share what it is you do will come up naturally. Don’t force it!

Your main focus should be them.

Who are they?

What do they do?

Where are they from?

Are they married?

Do they have kids?

Do they have hobbies?

What do THEY do for a living?

How long have they been doing it?

What types of referrals are they looking for?

How can YOU serve THEM? This is your ultimate goal.

If the conversation stalled at one point, spend this time reconnecting and following up with people.

Remove the pressure. When doing so, you get to know them. You will find out whether they would be a good fit for your business or product. Not everyone is.

Get involved in your facebook groups

Yes, staying on top of your personal customer or team member groups is important. But, I am talking about all the other groups you are a part of.

Not involved in anything? Get involved in something!

Most of us involve ourselves in some form of Facebook Group. From hobby groups, interest groups, community groups, and networking groups. These groups are a great way for you to connect with new people, potential customers, and team members.

Take some time and get involved. Engage and add value to benefit the group and get others to engage with you.

Ask questions.

Make opinions.

Share an article or blog, give your opinion, and ask what others think.

Share inspirational and group related photos.

By posting and creating conversation, you become recognized as an active member of the group. People start to feel comfortable talking with you. Many of the conversations started within the comments of posts move outside of the group.

Engage on Facebook

Facebook engagement is not the same as interaction. It is also not the same as sending private messages.  Engagement is the way users interact with other users or brands on the platform.

If you want to measure your engagement rate, ask yourself;

“How engaged are my followers on my own personal content?”

Interactions on the other hand are exactly that, reactions to your content. What you receive in return. This includes likes and the rest of reactions, shares, comments, both positive or negative, and even the clicks made by users.

So, when speaking of taking action and engaging on the platform, this means interacting with others content. Visit your friends pages and make comments. More than for words too.

Don’t just like a post, heart it or express your feelings in another way.

Share and support your other friends posts and content. Make sure if you share ANYTHING though, you are adding your personal take on the post you are sharing.

Engage on Instagarm

If you have not noticed already, Instagram is a completely different platform that Facebook. The medium is visual content and a lot of it. Long captions and descriptions on posts are not as important as they are on Facebook. You must capture the audience with your imagery.

Like Facebook, engagement for Instagram means the same when it comes to you reacting to others content.

Take the time to search for industries and interests through hashtags and account hopping. Follow people you can relate to and you feel inspired by.

Take the time to double tap and like post. In all honesty though, go beyond that and comment. Liking a post takes one second but spending some time on writing a comment will be a better sign of authentic and meaningful engagement.


How often do you feel stuck on what to post? Everyone else seems to share just the right thing and word it perfectly. We see these posts all the time. They get our minds thinking of how we can do something similar.

So why don’t you?

Repurposing the post means to take the same post and put your spin on it.

Don’t just SHARE. Everyone shares shit and it is the worst thing you can do to grow your engagement. Stop it. It is one of my biggest pet peeves and drives me nuts when I see this. There is an effective way to do it, but most are not. I will blog about this next week.

You can repurpose testimonials, LIVE videos, blogs, questions, posts, anything. Take the time to scroll through some content and research some posts you would like to repurpose as your own.

Keep this in the forefront of your mind. Every time you consume a piece of content, it is an opportunity to create something of your own. Never consume a piece of content without producing something in return.

Create engaging content

You have researched content to repurpose, now it is time to create it.  When making your post, keep several key factors in mind.

  • Create with intent - know who you are speaking too

  • Keep it value driven

  • Stay creative

  • End with a call to action: ask for opinions, comments, shares, click through’s, tags, and more.

Formulating a post to hit these key points is key. Using attraction marketing to draw people into your business is what you are ultimately doing. You can learn more about attraction marketing with this awesome FREE 10-Day Boot camp. Get the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook that is offered too, it will blow your mind!

Types of Valuable Content:

1. Tutorials: Multiple step-by-step images on Instagram, video tutorial on stories or YouTube, blog tutorial.

2. Before & Afters: Share the story.

3. Recommendations: Books, podcasts, articles, products or resources, favorite shops. Add your personal opinion and why you are recommending.

4. Inspiration: Motivating quotes, transformation stories, share your inspiration.

Actively taking the time to increase the value and content you are putting on your social platforms, blogs, and websites is more important than ever.

How nice would it be to wake up and have prospects reaching out to you, wanting to work with you? Asking you what it is that you do and wanting to get involved.

Instead, we spend too much time chasing down people and ultimately pushing them away. These ways are no longer working. Value, engagement, and consistency with both is. The more time we spend serving others with value, the more our engagement, following, and income increases over time.

Let me know by commenting below how these activities have helped you in your business. Have questions? Feel free to ask! I am always happy to help in any way possible.