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How To Batch Your Instagram Content

It goes without saying that Instagram has proved most useful influencers these days. It is how you show up on a consistent basis and gain the engagement of your following that matters most. No one wants to spend hours on end scrambling for content when they can be maximizing their time batching their content. I share with you my step-by-step system for batching your Instagram content and how you can start freeing up hours of your time.

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Attraction Marketing vs. Prospecting - Who's Gunna To Win This Round?

Sometimes, I like to think of the business world as I would of sports; entertaining, yes, but highly competitive, too. Which is why I still wonder why anyone would be into any business just for the profit.

Prospecting and Attraction Marketing are often mistaken, one for the other. But they are not the same. And, just in case, you’d like to know which of the two is better or more effective. The short answer is BOTH. Only that you’ve got to understand the rules of engagement; when to apply what, and how!

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5 Tips to Captivate Your Facebook & Instagram Audience

Just like everything else in our lives, social media content creation and audience-interaction should be attempted only if you’re willing to play by the rules, or at least bend it to your advantage. I have put together 5 fundamental tips to create captivating social media content that will interest your Facebook and Instagram audience; making them come back for more!

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How I Use The Passion Planner To Manage My Business

Studies have revealed that all highly successful business people have a rather similar lifestyle pattern with respect to how to manage their day-to-day schedules; staying focused and organized throughout the day. The secret is that they all follow a somewhat specific work routine. And I can’t possibly think of a better solution other than “The Passion Planner.”

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