Doubling Up with Paige Smith

Doubling Up with Paige Smith

Meet Paige

I am from and still currently reside in Southeast Texas. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have identical, twin girls named Addison and Anderson (Addie&Andie).

I was in college for interior design until I got pregnant with my girls. From there I was very back and forth and undecided on what I wanted to do because I never thought anything that complimented my passion was "acceptable" to have as a job.

I finally decided to let go of what I thought of as "acceptable" and strived after what I'm good at. I could not be any happier of where my life is heading now that I have chosen it for myself.

How did you get inspired to start doing what you do as an influencer in your industry?:

I am new to the influencer industry, but I am already loving it!

Growing up I was always known as the one that dresses up no matter what the occasion was. I love clothes and dressing other people as well.

Within the past two years, my husband and I have been thrown for a loop.

Just two weeks after having our twin girls we were evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey.

We lost our first home.

Instead of losing hope I decided to make the best of it. Our house had to be stripped to the nails.

I took the opportunity to put my interior design skills to the test and redo our little house into my dream home.

I fully embraced the redesign and the time playing dress up with my twin baby girls. It started to put a spotlight on my artistic passion of dressing people and houses.

The past two years have shown me that life doesn't fit into a black and white plan.

This has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and really follow my true passion and purpose. It is now my mission to be a positive influence and help others feel happy and beautiful.

We often have a book, podcast, video, or event that stands out to us and is instrumental in shifting our perspective in business. Do you have one that has been a significant impact for you moving forward? If so, can you share?

My influence started with Joanna Gaines due to me being an interior design major.

After reading their book, “The Magnolia Story” is when I really developed the motivation to strive for my dreams.

Chip started from the bottom doing small jobs. It showed me that everyone has to start somewhere in order to build up from there.

My biggest influence today in the influencing world is Jennifer Reed. She is a influencer and she is so down to earth and real with the portrayal of her life.

No one is perfect and I love that she shows that with grace.

What are some of your biggest lessons learned over the years and what are you applying to your business today that is working for you?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to be myself and support others being themselves. No one wants a copy and paste of someone else. How boring would that be? We are all so unique and have so much to bring to the table that there is enough room for all of us to blossom differently.

Women supporting women is the best way for us all to succeed.

What has been your biggest challenge and how have you worked to overcome it?

My biggest challenge has been getting past what is “acceptable” and what people think.

I don’t care what people think to an extent- but the thought of people thinking “who does she think she is?” “She’s trying to be something she’s not” and “Is she just trying to be famous?” these are the questions that haunted me that other’s might think.

In reality, it’s none of that for me. If anything it’s quite the opposite.

I’m trying to just really thrive in being myself.

This is who I am and if you know me you know it’s who I’ve always been. I’m finally striving to put what I enjoy and what I’m good at to use.

Being a stay at home mom to twins has been overwhelming- I say that with the assumption that you already know how grateful and blessed I am to have them and be able to do this. But none the less, still overwhelming.

To keep my mind in good health I try to keep fun at the center of our chaos. The girls love dressing up as much as I do and we love to go have fun.

This job as an influencer, allows me to stay home and I get to do what I love most with my girls. My husband has been so supportive every step of the way and he’s honestly just most excited that I finally have figured out my “calling”. We are all excelling because of it.


What’s the best advice you ever received?

Just be yourself, do what makes you happy and do it well.

Get up when you fall and do it all over again and from that, learn what not to do. And to make sure you always clap for others even if you're struggling behind them. Everyone's pace is their own.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

Handling criticism has not always been so easy for me.

What has helped me best is to know that even if you are the juiciest apple in the orchard, there’s still going to be someone who does not like apples.

I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not trying to be, I am totally okay with that.

The best thing about it is, I’m really not doing this for anyone but myself. Knowing that no matter how one feels about me, I’m still going to root them on.

What I do try to do is find those that are there to love and support me and I fuel off of that.

What do you believe your true purpose is? What value and impact do you hope serve and give to others?

I hope that I inspire other’s to find their best self as I have done. I truly believe that getting up every day and doing something with yourself really helps shape and affect how your day is going to go.

I feel better, more confident, and get so much done when I get myself ready for the day.

Yes, many days I do look like the troll under the bridge, but I notice those are the days I just want to lounge around and get nothing done.

In my blog, I tap into anything and everything. So I also hope to help new moms who might be struggling with their twins or baby.

How do you structure your days?

90% of my day revolves around the twins. That is about how it is structured.

I do most of my planning at night for the next day, when they are asleep and then get up the next and follow through with my plans in my small spaces of time that I have for me during the day.

How do you find time to follow your entrepreneurial journey while juggling other life responsibilities?

I’m still getting into restructuring my days to add in blogging, working, and engaging into my already set schedule with my twins.

It’s been a bit of a challenge, but change for the better usually is.

So far I am finding myself working while the girls take their nap, in the afternoon I will take them outside to play and bring my laptop to get stuff done in between drawing with chalk…etc. at night, after they go to sleep.

I don’t want to take away from them so if it cuts into me being a good mom then I’m doing something wrong. We’re working on getting the new flow of things up and going.

What tools do you find indispensable in your day-to-day business?

My laptop and phone are my most indispensable items.

I do all of my work on my laptop and I take all of my pictures and do my posts through my phone.

On my laptop, my biggest tools are the rewardStyle website which really sets me up with most everything I need.

My WordPress blog is where I get to put all of my thoughts and ideas into, so I could not do any of this without that either.

Social Media is such a gateway for influencer’s today. What platforms work best for you and why do you choose to use them the most?

Instagram and Facebook are really where my following started to kick off and grow before I was even beginning to blog or become an influencer.

People were attracted to my pages because of the fact that I had twins and they loved how I dressed them.

From there I opened my Instagram up to the public and decided to just go for it and started my blog.

Getting hired onto the team has really given me a platform to expand off of and build my brand.

What are you tips for maintaining a present influence on these platforms and how do you encouraging continued engagement with your following?

I have never been one to beg for people to like me, so when people engage in my posts I genuinely enjoy their company there.

I love to connect with people and make new friends. I’m never just searching for a compliment; I want authenticity in my engagements.

What can people expect to see when following you?

People can expect a LOT of pictures of Addie and Andie and their day to day wear.

I share my favorite styles and places to shop.

They can find fashion tips and tricks that I love most.

My house and my décor plus more take on a big role in my posts and where to get it all.

Lastly, my advice on twins, babies, and all of the above and my favorite products along the way that help you to survive motherhood.

I dabble into everything fashion, interior, and kids and the opportunities are endless for me and that’s what I love most.

What do you believe set's you apart from others in your same industry?

One of the biggest things that set me apart automatically is the fact that I have identical twin girls who love to dress up as much as I love to dress them.

I am so young and have so much in store for what’s to come and I am so excited to share it all with my followers.

I connect well with so many different types of women- older, younger, moms, and teens so I love that I have something for everyone in my feed.

My most asked question is always what life with twins is like and how I make it through and still come out with all of us dressed to a T.

Half the time I’m wondering the same thing… LOL.

What sets me most apart though is that this is my passion and what I’ve grown up doing and loving. This is all just the beginning for me and I can’t wait to grow from here.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is to grow from here. I love more than anything that I have finally opened my eyes and seen what has been in front of me all along. This is what I’m meant to do and now it’s just all making sense and falling into place. I’m excited for people to know who I really am and follow along on this journey with my sweet little family.

Paige Smith

Lastly, what legacy do you hope to leave behind and imprint do you hope to make on others?

I hope to inspire others to break free of their comfort zones and really strive for their dreams.

I hope to let people know that you CAN do it all. You can be happily married still, raise an amazing family, be 100% a part of your kids’ lives, follow your dreams AND look cute while doing so.

Everyone can win if you just go for it and leave your fears in the dust.

You don’t need to pick just one hat to wear for the rest of your life, why not wear them all?

Where can people find you?




Instagram Handle: @paigekensmith

Twitter: @paigekensmith



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