Is Your Social Media Engagement Down? Do These 3 Things Instead.


You ready for the hard truth? Your friends and followers aren't seeing your stuff.

What do I mean?

Back in the day, people could just go to your personal profile to see what you are doing. Now, they have endless options and ways to get that information. And, if you are not taking advantage of them all, you could be missing out on THEIR chosen way to consume content.

The reason Facebook's algorithms are constantly changing is that technology is forever changing too.

You now have Stories, Live video, IGTV, Facebook Watch Parties, Facebook Groups, your newsfeed, and so many other places where people can follow what you’ve been up to!

So, what can you be doing to get your engagement back up?

Follow The Trends.jpg

I get it, this is not always easy. You just started understanding the newest feature and are getting ready to try it out and BOOM....something new rolls out.

You can do it though. Google and YouTube are going to be your best self self-sufficient friends to figuring out all the how to's.

Educate Your Audience.jpg

There is a reason it is harder and harder to get your content in front of people. Changes are always being made.

In Facebook groups, you have to ask your group members to go over to NOTIFICATIONS and make sure they have the group settings on to "All Posts"............

Go that now with this group.

With Facebook Business/Fan Pages you have to make sure your following knows to go to the FOLLOW tab and make sure they have "See First" selected. The same thing applies to your personal profiles.

Facebook Groups - Engagement
Facebook Business Fan Page
Encourage Engagement.jpg

Yes, you want to do this! Get your audience involved. Get them talking and don't be afraid to ask for their involvement.

One of the best things you can start doing is include meaningful CTAs on every post.

For example, you ask your audience, “If you’re watching this LIVE, let me know what your biggest takeaway from this video was today.”

These are 3 simple things you can start doing to increase your engagement today. Which one turned the lightbulb on for you today? Comment below.....let's chat about it.