Not Growing Your Social Media Engagement? Do This Instead!

Not Growing Your Social Media Engagement? Do This Instead!

Content is KING! Yea, we’ve all heard it. It’s not always that easy though, is it? I go to brain dump on a social post and it comes across too wordy. Delete. Delete. Delete. Now edit. Delete. Edit again, and again. Okay, now too much time has been wasted. Search for someone else’s post that sounds just right and…….SHARE! Boom, done!

Sounds easy right? There’s a problem. The engagement doesn’t follow. Why? How come the company I represent posts and receives a gazillion likes and shares? How can a top leader in my company write a one-sentence post with a picture and get over 50+ likes? I am sharing the exact post dammit! What’s wrong with my following? What’s wrong with me?

Same problem every time. I have mentored and coached hundreds of men and women and I continuously hear the same thing. REALITY…….It isn’t you or your following. It’s the activity or lack thereof.

If you are new to network marketing and have not yet experienced this, stick around. I promise, you will gain something from this. We’ve allllll experienced this. If you are in network marketing and currently experiencing this, you know what I am talking about. I’m going to share with you what NOT to do, where and how to post, and my 4 step process to creating the perfect post.

Stories Sell - Products Don’t

“50% OFF, this weekend only! The #1 product in the market.”

We’ve all seen these posts, over and over again. They flood our social media newsfeeds daily. You may be supportive at first, but then, it’s all you begin to see from every person you follow. Why? Because everyone and their dog sells something these days and it’s all being shared on social media.  Can we not see something new and fresh?

Here’s the thing, people don’t buy products, they buy results! How do we get results? By selling products. But how do we sell products if, “products don’t sell”?


Take the time to find testimonials from people already using the products and share those stories! Every company and every product has them. You can find them anywhere, you just have to search.

Start with your favorite social media platforms. Search for the product and company you are looking to post about. Most companies have dedicated testimonial groups on Facebook or a page on their website. Take one of those stories and repurpose it as your own. DON’T JUST SHARE IT!

Save the photo, copy the story, and repost it as yourself. Give the original poster credit, but as yourself. This is one step often missed by many. Instead, most people share, share, share, and it kills their engagement.

Lastly, if you still cannot find anything, search Google!

What NOT To Do?

I’ve already covered the “sharing” issue above. I recommend you take my advice on that.

The second biggest no-no is the posting of company promo images. I know, I know. We all get emails letting us know of this weekend's latest flash sale or new business incentive. It doesn’t matter what company you are in, we all get them.

Now, let’s take a moment to think about this…

Say your company has at least 250,000 business partners. That means 250,000 emails are sent out at the exact same time on the morning of a sale or promo release. Now, let’s assume half of those people open the email. And half of those people take the promo image the company has designed and post it on social media. This means we have 62,500 people posting the same exact post on social media.

To top it off, people then see these posts and end up doing no-no #1 and share, share, share. Do you see where the cluster of redundant posting and madness begins?

So what do we do? We revisit my tip above and find stories to share.

Where & How Should You Post?

I am going to give you a general rule of thumb, a simple breakdown.

Personal Walls - Share stories. Do not share company promos. Try to stay away from sharing the company name in your posts as well. If the name is on a product in the photo you are sharing, that's OKAY! Don’t go overboard and share it in the content of the post. Instead, say something like, “this product”, “these products”, or “this company”.

Why give them all the facts. If they want to know, make them work for the info!

VIP Groups - Share stories here too. You can also share the company promo images. Why can you do this here? Because you’ve already convinced them to become your customer. They already know what’s up. You have more flexibility to post whatever you’d like in these focused groups.

Instagram & Facebook Stories - Share testimonials and stories. Create polls, questions, and share comparisons.

On my personal social media accounts, I rarely post about my company or products. I share and add value to draw people in. Where I do share more about my products, company, and sales are in my stories. Why? Because they go away after 24-hours.

Personal Messages - Hopefully you’re not flying out the gate with, “Look at my sale. This is my opportunity. You need it and this is why.” This is a sure fire way to turn more people away. Sharing any information through personal message relating to your business, product, or service should ONLY be done after a relationship has been formed or interest has been piqued. From this point any form of information shared is acceptable. Just don’t go crazy. 1-2 messages, then wait. Wait for their response. Don’t sent 150393873 messages verbally vomiting, expecting anything in return. You’ve turned them off.

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion. Stick to this rule of thumb and you’ll start seeing your social media engagement increase and relationships form.

Now that we’ve discussed what NOT to do. What speaks to your audience. Where and what you can be posting. What exactly is the best way to plan a post and how to go about it?

Use The 4 Step Posting Process

1. Gather Information - You’ve been sent an email with all the details of your most recent sale, promo, or incentive outlined. Take notes and do your research. Most companies will specify certain details or FAQs. Open them and read them. Understand all the things relating to your recent sale, promo or incentive. This way, you are well versed when starting conversations with people.

2. Find Your Story - Take time to search and find a testimonial that speaks to you. Do all the steps here. Find the photo. Find the content. Write the content, if needed. Bring it all together in a post. YES, this is going to take time. You signed up for a business though, did you not?

PS. If your promo or sale has to do anything with business packs or partners, find those relatable success stories.  Share the story of the single mom who was struggling and now isn’t. Or, the working lawyer who retired herself and husband. Now they enjoy a life of financial and time freedom. These stories are out there.

3. Post & Share! Pretty self-explanatory here. Time to publish your curated post on your chosen social media platforms. But before you hit “share”.......

4. Add A Call To Action

A good call to action will help you increase your engagement, convert more interested prospects, and increase sales. You must state clearly what you would like your following to do. Examples:

  • Like

  • Comment

  • Share

  • Tag

Understanding what works and using these steps to plan your posts will simplify the process. If done right, you will begin to see your social media engagement grow. It may start off awkward and uncomfortable. Just remember, nothing comes easy and everything worth doing starts off uncomfortable. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

If you feel like this information has helped in any way, I would love to hear your thoughts below. Share with your team or crossline leaders. We could all use the help in our business, even if we’ve heard it a million times. Sometimes, it finally just clicks!

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