Pin Your Way To Success with Jacquelene Hayes

Pin Your Way To Success with Jacquelene Hayes

Live Abundantly with Jacquelene Hayes

Meet Jacquelene

I was born and raised in Columbus, OH! I am married to the love of my life and have been since May 18, 2013! My husband and I have two kids, a boy, Titus and a little girl, Kamdyn.

I have been an entrepreneur now for almost 6 years. I have dipped my toes in a few other things, before I really fell in love with serving women with growing their Pinterest accounts, as well as serving them through the podcasting world. Over the last six years, social media and Pinterest, and podcasting have changed significantly and therefore, I have been able to learn and adapt through understanding the changes and going through the changes on my own. I have taken advanced courses to be sure I am up to date with all of the current changes and how social media and Pinterest can affect businesses and how it can help them grow and gain more exposure, so the businesses are able to gain those clients they are dreaming.

How did you get inspired to start doing what you do as an influencer in your industry?:

Being inspired is exactly how I realized I wanted to pursue Pinterest and podcasting. I listened and listened and listened to podcasts and I was on the Pinterest app, what felt like all day, every day. At first, I did not realize it was going to be a platform to utilize for business, but once I did, I could not stop myself from pursuing the business side. It pretty much just hit me and instead of allowing fear to control me, I just went for it. The same with my podcast. I had the idea for about a week before pursuing it. I had everything, the name, the mission, the just came and therefore, I knew it needed to be pursued.

We often have a book, podcast, video, or event that stands out to us and is instrumental in shifting our perspective in business. Do you have one that has been a significant impact for you moving forward? If so, can you share?

The Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis, Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis and the Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher are instrumental in pursuing my dreams and business. I know they have NO idea who I am; however, the two women who have had a huge impact to move forward would be these two. There are many others, Pat Flynn, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, but to really help my dreams move in tangible ways, I would have to say hands down, Rachel Hollis has been the biggest inspiration.

What are some of your biggest lessons learned over the years and what are you applying to your business today that is working for you?

I have learned to not care what others think, especially when they are not supporters or who decided they do not agree with my vision and dreams. Instead, I continue to pursue my visions and dreams, because they were given to me to accomplish.

What has been your biggest challenge and how have you worked to overcome it?

One of my biggest challenges is realizing I wanted and needed multiple streams of income for my business. I knew it was necessary, but figuring it out at first was a challenge. Passive income is crucial when you are running a business, because you want to be able to make extra income at any time in your business. When trying to figure out what that looked like for my business, I had trial and error, but I keep trying and keep failing, so I find what works for my business and what does not. I just keep moving forward.

Live Abundantly with Jacquelene Hayes

What’s the best advice you ever received?

I was told to just go do it, because;

done is better than perfect!

Not everyone is going to like you, accept you or even follow you, but those who do, you really know support you and love you, so go be you and learn and learn some more, but keep moving forward.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

I want you to handle criticism with a grain of salt.

Some of it is going to be very important and vital to moving forward; however, some criticism will not be worth your time. So, take it with a grain of salt, know you are in the right path and keep going. If it applies, add it in, change some things up and keep going!

What do you believe your true purpose is? What value and impact do you hope serve and give to others?

I believe my purpose is to encourage and motivate women where they are in life. I am doing so currently through the Live Abundantly Podcast and also relieving the pressure of Pinterest for clients. I want to be able to share the Gospel and truths, as well as real, tangible tools and steps to growing your business and life in general.

How do you structure your days?

I am a stay at home mom, so my days start at 5:30am, before anyone else is awake. I find when I add an extra hour and a half to two hours to my day before the rest of the house is awake, I am more productive, more fun to be around throughout the day as well. When my kids do get up, I make sure they are priority.

We do breakfast, play, color and spend the morning together doing something fun and ideally active! When it comes to nap time, I am working. Whether it means I am having podcast interviews or managing my Pinterest clients accounts, having my quiet time or checking off more of my to-do list, nap time is go time. When my kids wake up or we go get my son from school, my time is again focused on them and making dinner for when my husband gets home.

We have family time and once the kids go to bed, depending on the day, I may work for another hour and then have quality time with my husband, or I may just wait until the morning to get working again. All of my work is done in my spare time, if you will!

How do you find time to follow your entrepreneurial journey while juggling other life responsibilities?

I do not find the time, but I make the time. It is crucial if you want a business and you want to pursue your entrepreneurial journey, you have to make the time. We all have the same amount of time in a day and we all use it differently. You have to be smart with your time, use it wisely and lose some sleep. If you're not making sacrifices to pursue your passions, you do not really have the desire to see them through.

What tools do you find indispensable in your day-to-day business?

I could not go without my planner, and I am currently using the Hope planner, every single day. However, I also use Dubsado religiously and I know I would be lost without it.

Social Media is such a gateway for influencer’s today. What platforms work best for you and why do you choose to use them the most?

I have learned to utilize different platforms, because you need all of them in different ways. I use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. However, Pinterest is my favorite. I figure out where my audience hangs out and what time of day they are there. I jump on those platforms when my audience is on those platforms. I know exactly when to post and pin on each one to make sure I am gaining the most exposure I can from each post, pin, picture. If you are pinning and posting just to pin and post, you're hoping. Rachel Hollis has always "Hope is not a strategy."

What are you tips for maintaining a present influence on these platforms and how do you encouraging continued engagement with your following?

Consistency and quality. If you are not consistently on your platforms, I would ask you why? Why would you expect someone to trust you, follow you, and how are they going to know you? You need to be engaging on all platforms you're on consistently. Be engaging with quality content your audience wants and needs. If you have no idea what they want, ask them. You can take a poll, ask them to message you, reach out, follow them and see their life to give you more of a sense of who they are. You need to know your audience and interact with them, because they matter.

What can people expect to see when following you?

When you follow me, you can expect to see my real life, on top of real encouragement and motivation. I want you to know I am a real person and I also want to be able to share what I have learned, what I am going through and how to get out of those situations and continue to grow and excel where I am called and where you are called!

What do you believe set's you apart from others in your same industry?

I believe my vulnerability, authenticity and honesty separate me from others in the same industry. I want to cover it all and be so real with you. I find when we open up to one another, life changes, business changes and we start to feel more free.

Live Abundantly with Jacquelene Hayes

What’s next for you?

I will be working to grow my speaking presence. I want to be able to continue to encourage women where they are in life, whether in business or life. This means anything from parenting, marriage, friendships, business, life hacks, tips and tricks, and any passions. Someday, there will be a Live Abundantly conference, so stay on the look out for that!

Lastly, what legacy do you hope to leave behind and imprint do you hope to make on others?

I hope to leave a legacy of she went for it and she helped me through it. I know that is a lot and not enough at the same time; however, I want to be the one someone says, Jacquelene really helped guide me and gave me so much encouragement by sharing Truth and her heart with me. I want everyone to know how loved and valued and cherished they really are, especially in the times we definitely do not believe.

Where can people find you?



Instagram Handle: @jacquelenehayes


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