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3 Steps to Rebuild Momentum and Gain Motivation After A Setback in Your Network Marketing Business

Question... have you ever taken a considerable amount of time off?

…maybe it was a vacation or a holiday.

…maybe you had to take some time off because of an injury or illness.

If you've ever been in the position where you have to reignite momentum after taking some time off, you can appreciate how difficult it can be.

I want to share with you a very important way that you can get yourself back on track, whether you're rebuilding or re-establishing momentum, or trying to build it from a standing start.

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Attraction Marketing vs. Prospecting - Who's Gunna To Win This Round?

Sometimes, I like to think of the business world as I would of sports; entertaining, yes, but highly competitive, too. Which is why I still wonder why anyone would be into any business just for the profit.

Prospecting and Attraction Marketing are often mistaken, one for the other. But they are not the same. And, just in case, you’d like to know which of the two is better or more effective. The short answer is BOTH. Only that you’ve got to understand the rules of engagement; when to apply what, and how!

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