Trello Prospecting Tracker Template

Trello Prospecting Tracker Template


Are you becoming frustrated with the disorganization of all the new connections and people you are talking to about your Monat business? Does your desk or notebook have post it notes, scribbles of names and notes scattered all over the place with no sense of organization? Maybe you’ve even been using the beautifully designed prospecting tracker sheets available in the store, yet you feel taking it over to a digital platform may simplify things.

If you’re like me, then digital is where it’s at! I have been using Trello for years and have found it to be one of the most useful task and project management platforms for my business. When it comes to direct sales and keeping my prospects organized and on track, this is what I use and it works seamlessly.

I have created a simple and easy to use template board you will gain full access to and can modify or use exactly as is to benefit your prospecting process. You also receive additional goodies I have added just for you!

- Full access Trello template board
- Detailed user instructions
- Trello training video
- 9 of my personal prospecting scripts
- 6 pre-loaded documents
- Color coded label cards

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